Natural by Nicole

Natural by Nicole

We are excited to now a stockist for the new skincare range Natural by Nicole. This range was created with the frequent traveller in mind. The brainchild behind this new product is Nicole Everett, an international flight attendant that certainly knows a thing or two about flying and skincare.

As you know, being a frequent flyer can have a detrimental effect on your skin, leaving it dry and irritated even after one long haul flight. This new product is incredibly hydrating without being too greasy.

There are five different products available all following a 5-step beauty regime for pre, during and after travel. This will ensure you arrive at your destination feeling refreshed and hydrated as if you have just stepped out of a salon, not off an aircraft. The steps are:

  1. Pre-flight cleanse with a milk cleanser
  2. During flight apply the hydrating serum
  3. Follow with the moisturiser
  4. After your flight apply the night cream
  5. Use the hydrating gel mask twice a week

They are sold separately but also come as a set in a see-through pouch for going through security with your carry on. They are each under 100ml, which is the allowable amount for travelling with liquids through airports.

You can buy these products online in our body and soul section at


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